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Baumdienst Siebengebirge pay a 320 million yer old tree a visit.
26 May

A 320 million year old tree receives a visit from Baumdienst Siebengebirge

Von Gary Blackburn

At Baumdienst Siebengebirge we love veteran trees, a passion that has led us to become the regions leading specialist for veteran tree care. When I was recently near Stanhope in the United Kingdom with my family, a visit to the Stanhope churchyard could not be resisted. For there stands the fossilised remains of…

The reason is that the Centurion tank (of Swiss army origin) was to become the new member of our "Litle Britain" at Baumdienst Siebengebirge - being an attraction for our visitors and protecting the Queen right behind in Robin Hood's Hideaway.
13 May

TV Show DMAX: 52 tons of a childhood's memory on their way to Baumdienst Siebengebirge

Von Gary Blackburn

Do you enjoy standing in front of a camera? I rather prefer working up 30 meters high in a tree than talking into a microphone. But when the German TV Station DMAX asked for permission to accompany me when my 52 ton childhood dream would be brought to my home at Baumdienst Siebengebirge I just could not say no.

Mr. Bean mit seinem kleinen Mini
11 Apr

A new permanent visitor to the Queen! Mr. Bean as guest at Baumdienst Siebengebirge!

Von Gary Blackburn

Exciting news: Together with my sons William and Kevin I have been to England for a few days to meet somebody, who will soon be joining Her Majesties inner circle. Welcome Mr. Bean!


Heute vor einem Jahr ist mein Sohn Luke zurück aus Schottland gekommen
23 Jan

Being guest on the Isle of Skye as a young tree worker

Von Gary Blackburn

A year ago today my son Luke returned from Scotland. My friend and highly regarded Scottish colleague Alasdair Mackay had invited Luke to visit him at the Isle of Skye to work together with his tree surgeons team. The Isle of Skye is the largest of the islands in the Inner Hebrides and one of the most beautiful landscapes worldwide.

Es hat nur wenige Tage geschneit
15 Jan

The snow turned Baumdienst Siebengebirge's site into a winter's dream

Von Gary Blackburn

We have had snow for only a few days. But this was enough to turn Robin Hood's Hideaway & associates into a winter's dream. And I am privileged to be allowed to let you know: The Queen is amused :)

Wilkommen 2017
01 Jan

Welcome to 2017!

Von Gary Blackburn

The clock seems to turn faster every year. Now my sons Kevin and Alexander are about the same age that I was in when I founded the Westerwälder Baumdienst back in the eighties. Thanks to our customer's loyalty the success of the Westerwälder Baumdienst laid the foundation of Baumdienst Siebengebirge covering an ever larger region across the Rhine valley area and beyond. Today Kevin and…

16 May

Baumdienst Siebengebirge Portrait - Video

Von Gary Blackburn

About 20 years ago, Gary Blackburn founded the Baumdienst Siebengebirge. With his education and training in renowned woodlands such as England's Sherwood Forrest, Gary has an ideal background to become a professional tree care specialist. Part of his training included three years at the prestigious Merrist Wood College in Surrey. Equipped with just two chainsaws and a few ropes, but a number…