Fears - 1965

With suddenness the brilliance of the sunset slips quickly out of sight. Then follows another world which we call the night. The trees take on a darker tone, with arms and legs and faces all adding to that sinister note that sets the heart a racing. It's not what we're seeing nor even what we hear more in what we're thinking that fills us full of fear. Perhaps a sad and lonely goat in the distance mournfully bleating, makes the shadows seem to grow the ghosts you think you're meeting. The night is a different kind of world where shadows seem to grow with different shapes and places. in which our courage seems to go. We?re carefully avoiding graveyards with their ghostly rows of stones. Expecting any minute to hear some horrible shrieks and groans. Yet what is there in darkness, that daylight sweeps away. The ghostly owls on silent wings seeking out their lonely pray. Bats suddenly disappearing as darkness begins to fade. A nightingale?s song is now sung, before the night turns into day.