Silver Moon

Sailing lightly, shining brightly Through the turbulence of the clouds, Silver moon or silver galleon, Ploughing through the cloudy seas. Making ever steady headway, Riding on the windy breeze, Sailing proudly in the night skies Through the stormy, cloudy seas. Silver moonbeams, dancing downwards Through the darkness of the night, Playing games of hide and seek With the bright, edged clouds beneath, Causing ever-changing patterns Where earth and shadow meet. Now all world is clad in silver, The silver moon in a velvet sky, Silver lakes now reflecting mirrors, Linked by shining, running rivers, Silver trees on silver hillsides, All embraced with silver lace. Shining moonbeams, silver streams, Laughing, dancing living dreams. All is bathed, so white, so clean, Enchanting world of silver moon, Making magic of the night. But soon the spell that you enfold Will turn from silver to morning gold.