Waiting Waiting

Filling in the moments, That seem to last for hours. Waiting lasts forever, Or seems so at the time. Minutes more like years. Then a fragment of an hour Thinking thoughts about you As the sunshine turns to rain. Wanting just to see you As I while away the time. Waiting, waiting for you, Working out the words. That live within my mind, To say the words: I love you. The words I always seem to hide. To say that everybody word is true. I am yours from the bottom of my heart. Wanting for answers to the questions, To those questions I never ask, So is there any wonder, But my courage never seems to last. So will I ever tell you, that It?s you, that always fills my mind, So, here am I awaiting. Waiting, waiting out the time, Hoping that you will see. But as always you never will, As you go quickly walking passed.