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The Queen and Price Philip around 1950
13 Apr

Long live the Queen!

Von Gary Blackburn

Sometimes things happen just by coincidence but in a chronological sequence, which in retrospect seems more like a sign. Whether coincidence or sign, I would like to tell you about such an event today.

You certainly know that my heart and that of my family beats for the royals. Being British - even with a German passport - we feel close to the Royal Family. Even if Prince Philip had…

Healthy spruce felled by the storm
17 Mar

Healthy spruce felled by the storm – how you can prevent this

Von Gary Blackburn

Unfortunately, the latest Corona news are no good news. Experts warn of the third wave. The vaccination process in Germany is slowing down and the so-called British variant of the Corona virus, of all things, is considered particularly vicious.

In these times many of us have learned to appreciate our own garden in a whole new way. The garden is a private retreat where we can relax. In…

Familie Blackburn
16 Feb

After the pandemic is the time to celebrate together with you!

Von Gary Blackburn

I am often being asked what I like best about my profession. Those are mostly two aspects: This is of course our daily encounter with nature and how we often succeed in revitalizing tress that other “experts” had already given up and recommended for felling. And I enjoy meeting our customers every day, enjoying the good talks and the feedback being of great value for us.

What I…

Teatime with the Queen
16 Jan

Wait and see, drinking tea and a big thank you to our customers!

Von Gary Blackburn

I hope you have had a good start to the new year. Current news about the coronavirus unfortunately gives little reason to hope that we will soon be able to put the crisis behind us. We will still have to exercise a lot of discipline and patience. Only in this way can we succeed in protecting the weaker members of society and ultimately defeat the virus.

For many, their home and garden…

"Little Britain" Winter 2020
15 Dec

High hopes and also a huge disappointment

Von Gary Blackburn

The year is about to end. 2020 has been a year like none before, for many people is has been a very tough year. We now are more hopeful as the Corona vaccine is about to become available. 

But at the same time a beautiful dream seems to have come to an end as well. As it seems the town council has denied the allowance to continue “Little Britain” and rejected all our plans and…

Alexander, Luke, and Kevin, each supporting one child at their rope were having just as much fun as the young climbers
13 Nov

Children having great fun climbing a tree

Von Gary Blackburn

It was the last week of autumn vacation that the organization “Gemeinsam für Vielfalt” (“Together for variety”) invited children and their parents to enjoy some activities in the Bürgerpark (Citizen’s park) in Unkel. Because of Corona some of the planned activities could not take place. Very much to the delight of the children our tree climb offer was not affected by that – thanks to plenty of…

trees torn down
16 Oct

Also during Corona times: We are there for a safe live of trees!

Von Gary Blackburn

Unfortunately, the corona virus returned from spring with even great force. The news get worse every day and the virus is increasingly determining our everyday life. To be concerned is more than justified. But it would be irresponsible not to care about other important topics just as well.

Welcome to our charming small hotel “The Little Britain Inn”
16 Sep

Welcome to our charming small hotel “The Little Britain Inn”

Von Gary Blackburn

Maybe you had a chance to follow the dispute about “Little Britain” during the past months and years. The town council requested us to reduce the size and space of our exposition “Little Britain” at the site of “Baumdienst Siebengebirge”, so we would demonstrate that we are willing to find an agreement with the town officials. For me this was not such a big issue.

But how do you…

Storm damage by trees
14 Aug

Thunderstorm & Damage: The Insurance is going to pay anyhow?

Von Gary Blackburn

The thunderstorm of last week had badly hit our region. So much rain came down in the shortest time that fire workers were busy pumping flooded basements all during the night. And of course, the weather was an extreme stress test for the stability and breaking resistance of trees. 

In extreme and scary situations like this garden owners asked themselves if their trees are really safe…

What the forest looks like today
20 Jul

The Douglas Tree – Friend or Enemy?

Von Gary Blackburn

Friends of our family recently joined a tour through the woods nearby guided by the local forester. Our friends told me how well and interesting the forester explained the connections and relations between the spruce monoculture, the climate change, the bark beetle and the devastating situation that we encounter today across huge areas. 

Instead of trees all we see is wasteland with…