Neighbors and visitors demanding for „Little Britain“ to remain

Just a few days ago I returned from Scotland from my holidays – while my sons, the teams and the office were on duty for our customers – and I am still overwhelmed how much support there is for “Little Britain“ from nearly all sides. I appreciate this even more since this includes neighbors I haven’t even met in person before. People from the region further away are also among those supporters. A lady form Sankt Augustin wrote to us about her walk through the Kasbachtal: „Some time ago, together with a group of friends, we have wandered through the Kasbachtal. We were pleasantly about the friendly ‘Welcome to Little Britain‘ and were amazed about the multitude of exhibited objects. We were also impressed about the “conversion“ of a tank equally suited for a museum into a memorial against war and for peace. (…) I would like to thank you for the opportunity to have been able to spend a wonderful day in Little Britain together with Mr. Bean, the Queen and the many unique British items like the bus. I very much wish and hope that this precious place will remain.“ Newspaper, radio and TV also continue their coverage with a lot of engagement. This includes regional media… … as well as the SWR-TV-Channel that paid a visit to Baumdienst Siebengebirge and “Little Britain” when they were producing a documentary about the Westerwald region, where we live. You will find us and the segment covering “Little Britain” at minute 7’20. International media like Deutsche Welle do speculate as well about the future of „Little Britain“. German version: English version:   Please accept my apologies that I am not able to mention all individuals in favor of „Little Britain“ and the many ongoing activities right now. I am very thankful for all your efforts. This does give us the courage and energy to continue to believe in the future of “Little Britain“ and stand for it with valid arguments.   Therefore, I thank you very much – also in the name of my family – for your great and inspiring support!

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