Only six months to Brexit / Can Gary Blackburn save his “Little Britain”?

Dear friends of “Little Britain”, the recent media response in the English-speaking world has been tremendous with coverage from the BBC, British Forces BFBS and even RT UK. As many of you will already know my little collection of Cornish telephone boxs, double decker busses, Robin Hood and his hide away, Merlin, the Queen and Mr. Bean and his Mini on my private ground next to my company “Baumdienst Siebengebirge” in Germany close to the Rhine Valley has become quite popular. Since German local authorities had recently ordered the (hopefully temporary) shutdown of Little Britain due to legal regulations the media interest increased even more – and we have enjoyed so much encouraging support from neighbors and friends of “Little Britain” from all over Germany and beyond. These are the most recent TV reports about “Little Britain” in English language. British Forces BFBS: BBC: RT UK: I am especially grateful that the British Forces TV report acknowledged my grandfather’s contribution. Caring about your family, your ancestors and the destiny of many other families from different nations to me is the key to living together in peace one day. People should remember and not forget to prevent the past from repeating itself.

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