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Storm damage by trees
14 Aug

Thunderstorm & Damage: The Insurance is going to pay anyhow?

Von Gary Blackburn

The thunderstorm of last week had badly hit our region. So much rain came down in the shortest time that fire workers were busy pumping flooded basements all during the night. And of course, the weather was an extreme stress test for the stability and breaking resistance of trees. 

In extreme and scary situations like this garden owners asked themselves if their trees are really safe…

What the forest looks like today
20 Jul

The Douglas Tree – Friend or Enemy?

Von Gary Blackburn

Friends of our family recently joined a tour through the woods nearby guided by the local forester. Our friends told me how well and interesting the forester explained the connections and relations between the spruce monoculture, the climate change, the bark beetle and the devastating situation that we encounter today across huge areas. 

Instead of trees all we see is wasteland with…

Cutting back the crown helps the tree to survive the summer's extreme heat
17 Jun

How to help your beloved tree to survive summer

Von Gary Blackburn

The weather experts have alarming news: the summer of 2020 will be extreme again! Weakened by the enduring heat periods and drought of recent years many trees will not be able to survive – if we do not actively support them.

Especially spruce trees are in danger. But nowadays deciduous trees are affected just as well. My sons and I detect severe signs of disease among deciduous trees…

The new self-driving chipper of Baumdienst Siebengebirge
16 May

Getting three days of work done in just one day

Von Gary Blackburn

Buy cheap, buy twice… I am sure that we all have learnt at some time that a 
supposedly cheap bargain later turned out to be a rather bad and costly decision. 

When we purchase new equipment for Baumdienst Siebengebirge, we look for a true advantage for our customers and the work of our teams: to do the work in less time, to better protect the environment und to optimize cost…

Professional crown reduction before and after
16 Apr

Nature returns

Von Gary Blackburn

Do you also have the impression that the birds sing louder and even more beautiful in these days? The sky is just blue without any vapor trails and instead of roaring traffic on the freeway you hear the sounds nature. Walking though the woods you sense the life of animals and plants much more intensive than before.

Sadly, this also includes the many trees that have not survived the…

Soil compression damages the roots
15 Mar

The trees need our support – also during the Corona crisis

Von Gary Blackburn

Everybody would have wished the first quarter of 2020 to be different than it developed. First it was the impact of the heavy storms devasting our forests even more. Now it is the Corona virus dominating our daily life and news like no other topic.

This is right and equally important because we know of the danger of an infections with the Corona virus especially for elderly people.…

Storm front “Sabine“ hit our area  – and damaged many trees
19 Feb

Storm front “Sabine“ hit our area – and left great chaos

Von Gary Blackburn

We cannot prevent heavy storms and hurricanes from hitting our parks and gardens – but most often the heavy damage could have been prevented. Because there is a proven and very cost saving method to evaluate the stability of a tree: to have the tree being checked by a professional expert – ideally before the storm.

The importance…

picture Bye, bye Great Britain – Welcome Little Britain!
04 Feb

Bye, Bye Great Britain – Welcome Little Britain!

Von Gary Blackburn

“Get Brexit done!” said those supporting leaving the EU until recently. Since the weekend this has been achieved. But nothing more – and probably soon also the leave-supporters among my fellow countrymen will realize, that this is not the future that we can wish for our children.

My daughters had planned to study in England. As we have heard the price for a semester abroad (seen…

24 Jan

New short video of our work

Von Gary Blackburn A short version of this video is being broadcasted by German television n-tv.  I hope you enjoy the video!
My family and I wish you a merry Christmas, a wonderful Christmas time and that all your wishes for 2020 may come true!
23 Dec

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2020!

Von Gary Blackburn

It is hard to believe, but Christmas is right around the corner – even though there seems to be no snow in sight. My family and I wish you a merry Christmas, a wonderful Christmas time and that all your wishes for 2020 may come true!

The climate change and its consequences were a major topic in the media this year and many of our customers have requested our advice. Everybody able to…