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Submitted by Karsten Wild on Wed, 08/23/2017 - 00:57


Mr. Blackburn has a considerable collection on his grounds which everyone can enjoy, because he makes them freely accessible. The collection includes a British Centurion Tank from Swiss Army stock. A beautifully sublime sight that brings back memories from when beautiful tanks were still built. Expecting some sensitivity from some Germans, he placed all sorts of charming items on the tank to gently soften the defensive aesthetic of the ‘war machine’. Also included are rings of poppy flowers that resonate with the Flanders battles, where ancestors of the Blackburn family fell during the 1st World War. The neighbours who run a pseudo-scientific therapy technique managed to unsuccessfully engage the local politicians, who luckily could do nothing. The tank is staying!

Well done Mr. Blackburn.

Greetings from Erpel.

Karsten Wild

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