Tree care tips

24 Jan

New short video of our work

Von Gary Blackburn A short version of this video is being broadcasted by German television n-tv.  I hope you enjoy the video!
19 Dec

Forest status report 2019: Only 1 tree out of 5 is healthy – How you can help your trees to survive

Von Gary Blackburn The last blog was about the miserable state German forests are in and the damage caused by enduring periods of summer heat and heavy storms. The secretary of environment of North Rhine Westphalia just released the official forest status report and describes the situation as follows: Compared to the already bad year before the situation has even got worse in 2019. Only 1 tree out of 5 is healthy
18 Dec

Are all forests doomed to die?

Von Gary Blackburn I have always loved taking long walks through the woods – to find some relief from stress enjoying the beauty of nature. As a young man I was very lucky to be educated in Sherwood Forest and I probably have worked on some trees which were already there when Robin Hood was still around. Sherwood Forest benefits very much from the fact that this forest has not been exploited by the wood industry
29 May

The Tree of Imagination - an alternative to tree stump removal

Von Gary Blackburn After the majestic oak tree in the heart of the village suddenly died, the people of Lower Peover decided to pay homage to the trees contribution towards the village by giving it a new purpose - to inspire the thoughts of children and all those still young at heart.