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In the mid 1980’s Gary Blackburn founded Westerwälder Baumdienst (Westerwald Tree Service) which through its success quickly grew into the nationwide active Baumdienst Siebengebirge (Seven Mountains Tree Service).

Having a solid foundation based on training and years of experience, for example in the famous Sherwood Forest, Gary Blackburn provides the best credentials. In addition are his years of study at the renowned Merrist Wood College in Surrey.

Baumdienst SIebengebirge was quick to earn a reputation for competence and reliability, which today still grows through the addition of further staff and the opening of new offices. Baumdienst Siebegebirge serves customers in Nordrhein-Westfalen, Rheinland-Pfalz, the Koblenz area and Cologne, Bonn, Düsseldorf and the Eifel. Many of the customers are local councils, nature protection organisations, forestry commissions, companies, parishes and private households.

Approximately 20 trained specialists service the customers with small to large scale contracts from tree care to difficult tree removal including stump removal.

The family business is run by Gary Blackburn together with the involved and highly competent support from his sons Kevin and Alexander, both of which as trained tree inspectors, tree surgeons and European Treeworkers manage their own tree teams. Gary’s third son Luke is already in the third year of his training and enthusiastically supports his brothers.

· Our Team ·

Gary Blackburn

Gary Blackburn

At the beginning of the eighties, Gary Blackburn founded the Westerwald Tree Service, after the native Englishman had previously enjoyed several years of training at the renowned Merrist-Wood-College in England with many practical assignments in the legendary Sherwood Forest.

Manfred Hoffmann

Manfred Hoffmann

For more than twenty years, Manfred Hoffmann has been a valued advisor to our customers as a tree inspector in all matters relating to professional tree care. Kevin, Alexander, and Luke also benefit from Manfred’s wealth of experience and regularly exchange ideas with him.

Alexander Blackburn

Alexander Blackburn

As a fully trained tree inspector, tree surgeon and certified European Treeworker, Alexander Blackburn leads his team and looks forward to climbing and the daily new challenges every day.

Kevin Blackbrun

Kevin Blackburn

Kevin is also a fully trained tree inspector, tree surgeon and certified European Treeworker. Kevin can’t imagine a more enjoyable profession than climbing trees, and his enthusiasm is contagious!

Luke Blackburn

Luke Blackburn

Luke is the youngest of the three brothers, already an active member of the team since 2015 and also a fully trained and passionate treeworker. The enthusiasm for tree care clearly seems to be passed on to the children in the Blackburn family!

Diana Prangeberg

Diana Prangenberg

Diana manages the office and takes your inquiries when you call us or contact us by mail. But she likes to leave the tree climbing to the Blackburns, just as they are happy to see that everything is running smoothly in the office as well.

Why should you choose us?

Die schützende Hand   The Caring Hand

Through our many years of being committed to providing our customers with professional, efficient and economical tree care we offer a tree analysis and judgement you can trust.

    On-site consultations

The on-site visit of our expert tree inspectors for a thorough consultation is always free of charge. Only when all questions are answered do we provide you with a fitting estimate.

Fachpersonal    Expert personnel

All tree work is carried out by our qualified tree surgeons and certified ‘European Tree Workers’. Maybe you weren’t aware that Gary Blackburn was fundamentally involved in the implementation of the Certificate to ‘European Tree Worker’.

Umsicht und Gründlichkeit   Thoroughness

After the work is done we still work hard to leave your garden or land in a clean and cared for condition.

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