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Tree assessment

Are you worried about the stability and safety of your trees?

Although they appear strong and stable, trees are natural living organisms and are subject to disease, insect attack, decay and structural damage through growth defects and storms. Frequently such damage and weaknesses are only visible to the trained and experienced eye.

Gary Blackburn’s and his team of Tree Inspectors have decades of experience in detecting and assessing trees in Rheinland-Pfalz, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Hessen, the Eifel and beyond. Not to mention the years of experience Gary acquired while working on some of the UK’s most prestigious trees.

Various examples of common tree defects (L) lightning damage, (M) abnormal buttress roots, (R) fungal infection on Beech – Kretzschmaria deusta

If you have trees on your property the peace of mind from knowing your trees are safe will be invaluable. And to make the experience for you even better, the on-site tree assessments are completely free of charge.

We can help with your trees

Are the ash tree branches touching the roof? Maybe the poplar tree is getting too big and becoming unsafe? No matter what your tree problem, our tree inspectors are there to answer your questions.

Our on-site consultations are free of charge.