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Veteran tree care

Our landscapes most characteristic and aged trees are part of our heritage and act as monuments of nature, not only for their great stature but also for the amount of insects, birds and other wildlife species which are fully dependant on their existence. 

Baumpflege Naturdenkmal

After centuries of withstanding natures forces you could easily believe that our most majestic trees are strong enough to defend against any influence. Veteran trees however are some of our most delicate examples and require specialist and highly trained professionals to care and protect them for the future. Gary Blackburn and his team of dedicated tree surgeons have decades of experience in the care and management of veteran trees not only in Westerwald, Rheinland-Pflaz and Nordrhein-Westfalen but also in England where the team was privileged to be trusted with the care of some of the UKs most prestigious veteran trees.

Naturdenkmalpflege Westerwald

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Are the ash tree branches touching the roof? Maybe the poplar tree is getting too big and becoming unsafe? No matter what your tree problem, our tree inspectors are there to answer your questions.

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