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Garden Care

A beautiful garden can provide happiness and relaxation throughout the whole year. The work required to care for the plants and hedges can be back-breaking and takes plenty of time. Many of our customers prefer to leave the hard work to our professionals, winning back the time and energy for themselves.

Gartenpflege Siebengebirge

During Spring and Autumn is the time our team can spring to action with the expert trimming of bushes and hedges. The branches and waste is removed and professionally disposed of free of charge. To prevent annoying weed growth we can spread the woodchip mulch around bush and flower beds. Naturally, during the work we’ll take an expert look at your trees to make sure they’re also in tip-top condition.

Heckenschnitt Koblenz

We can help with your trees

Are the ash tree branches touching the roof? Maybe the poplar tree is getting too big and becoming unsafe? No matter what your tree problem, our tree inspectors are there to answer your questions.

Our on-site consultations are free of charge.