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Also during Corona times: We are there for a safe live of trees!

Von Gary Blackburn

Unfortunately, the corona virus returned from spring with even greater force. The news get worse every day and the virus is increasingly determining our everyday life. To be concerned is more than justified. But it would be irresponsible not to care about other important topics just as well.

Not only the virus has returned, but the big autumn storms are already looming. Is your tree still stable? Is there any dead wood in the crown that might fall to the ground and endanger people and buildings? Are branches broken? Even small cracks could attract parasites and cause sincere splits during a storm.

Now is the time for a professional tree inspection. Our experts will advise you free of charge after an on-site appointment whether any measures are necessary ensuring that your tree will survive the coming autumn storms safely. 

Please take advantage of our offer and support your tree to get through the autumn and winter safely. This way you will also protect yourself and your family and also meet your legal requirements of care as a tree owner. 

Of course, we can also conduct the consultation by telephone after the on-site appointment if you wish to avoid any personal contact in the current situation. Please simply let us know your wish. We do take care.

Get through the autumn safely and stay healthy! 

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