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Instead of Felling Trees: The Sustainable Solution

Von Gary Blackburn

For the Baumdienst Siebengebirge tree service, my family, and our customers, there is nothing better than being able to preserve old trees for a long time. These trees are often associated with precious memories. With our experience, we have managed to save many trees, even natural monuments, when other “experts” had already given up on a diseased tree.

However, there are situations in which the stability of a tree can no longer be guaranteed. If the roots no longer supply the crown with sufficient nutrients and the dead branches pose a danger to people and property, we must ensure safety.

Complete felling can usually be avoided if the owners so wish. We remove the crown and cut back the trunk to such an extent that the remaining trunk and smaller branches are stable again and no longer endanger the environment.

In this way, the remaining tree trunk can develop into a valuable habitat for many animals. Birds find nesting opportunities in the remaining branch cavities, and numerous insect species settle in the dead wood. These insects, in turn, are important food for many bird species. The tree trunk thus becomes a small biotope and continues to contribute to the ecological balance.

This approach preserves the tree in a way that allows it to continue serving as part of the landscape. The ecological balance is supported by creating new habitats for animals. The tree trunk can serve as a natural privacy screen or simply remain as a beautiful, natural element in our garden or park.

A tree with which we associate many memories should not simply disappear. We are committed to ensuring that such trees are given a chance, even in difficult cases, and continue to exist as valuable habitats. Feel free to talk to me or my sons about this. Together we will find an optimal solution for your park or garden.

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