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Free tree inspection: Only a few weeks left!

Von Gary Blackburn

Spring is just around the corner and in a few weeks the trees will be in full leaf again. So don’t miss the short window of opportunity: now is still the time to arrange a free professional tree inspection at your premises via our office. (Tel: 02645 / 9999-000)

Why is a professional inspection so important for maintaining the health of your trees and therefore also for your safety and that of your home and garden?

The autumn storms and the winter with its pronounced frost periods have taken their toll on many trees. Frost, snow, and ice can weaken, crack, or break branches. Such deadwood not only puts a strain on the tree’s statics. Even massive branches could fall from the crown to the ground at any time, endangering people, and property.

Woodpeckers and squirrels in the tree often suggest cavities. Diseases or pest infestations can be detected by our inspectors at an early stage and treated if necessary. The trained eye sees the first signs of damage before they can spread and become a safety hazard.

Our professional tree inspectors, my sons Kevin, Alexander, and Luke as fully trained European Treeworkers, and myself, can optimally assess the health of your trees when we still have an unobstructed view of the trunk and branches – i.e. when the leaves are not yet obscuring the crown.  

Together with you, we can then discuss on-site what measures make sense to support your tree in the best possible way. Spring is an important growth phase for your trees. A professional inspection helps to ensure that the tree starts the growing season in good health.

Call 02645 / 9999-000 now to arrange your free tree inspection. We look forward to advising you on-site. Your trees will thank you for it!

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