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“Sometimes, a strong gust of wind is enough to topple a tree”

Von Gary Blackburn

The trees in our region are now under constant stress. Periods of intense heat in summer are followed by torrential rains. The already damaged roots find less support in the eroded soil, causing the tree to lose stability. If the initial signs are overlooked, such a tree can become a major danger to its surroundings.

Climate change has not only made heat waves and rainfall more extreme, but even previously harmless storms are increasingly reaching hurricane strength. Sometimes, a strong gust of wind is enough to topple a tree weakened in this manner, like a bowling pin. Now, with the onset of the first snowfalls, the problem has worsened.

Trees standing alone, which previously were part of a group and could stabilize and protect each other from wind and weather, are also at risk. Heavy branches protruding from the crown also pose a danger. These branches are particularly exposed to wind, ice, and snow. By falling, they not only threaten people and the environment but can also cause deep cracks in the trunk, creating entry points for diseases from fungi and bacteria.

Road and sewer work can also injure the roots, seriously threatening the health of the tree. This is all the more regrettable because injuries to the root system can be avoided with a little forward planning.

Laypeople often do not know that the extent of the roots corresponds to the radius of the crown. To the extent that we trim back the crown, the tree will also reduce its root circumference. This often helps to keep the roots away from danger zones and protect them from injuries.

My sons and I see eye to eye on this: We have learned our craft as professional arborists to keep trees safe, not to have to cut them down for safety reasons! To achieve this, professional and regular tree inspection is indispensable.

As a tree owner, you should definitely make use of such professional tree inspection because only the trained eye of the expert is capable of detecting deficiencies in time before they can lead to high risks and costs. The law requires tree owners to ensure the safety of their trees through regular inspections.

We offer this professional safety check and consultation service free of charge on site. Feel free to call us! Our office organizes the appointments and can be reached at phone number 02645 / 9999-000.

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