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How to prepare your tree for the spring storms

Von Gary Blackburn

In the wild and in home gardens, isolated trees from former groves are particularly vulnerable to wind and weather.

I am often asked, “Are the storms getting stronger, or are the trees more vulnerable than they used to be?” In fact, both are true. Natural events such as heavy rains and violent storms are occurring more often and more intensely. The trees’ resilience has been weakened by the prolonged periods of heat in previous years. The consequences of the storms are all the more devastating and can range from breaks to cracks to toppling trees.

The trees in our parks and gardens depend on human support. Particularly at risk are isolated trees that were once part of a group of trees. As a group, they were able to protect and stabilize each other from extreme gusts. A remaining free-standing tree from such a group, on the other hand, is at the mercy of wind and weather with almost no protection.

For any tree, and especially for isolated trees, professional tree inspection is essential to ensure safety. Owners are liable for the safety of their trees. However, an insurance company will only pay for any damage if the owner has also fulfilled their duty of care. For example, by commissioning a regular tree inspection carried out by a specialist company such as our experts.

In order to optimally prepare trees for spring and the expected storms, we remove dead wood and thus relieve the tree’s statics. Depending on the size and age, the amount of deadwood can add up to a considerable weight. This measure not only relieves the tree but also reduces the risk of falling branches and deep cracks forming in the trunk. Light pruning of the crown also reduces the attack surface for gusts and storms, and lessens the stress on the tree of having to provide nutrients to a crown that has grown too thick.

A sustained supply of nutrients to the tree can be provided by incorporating biological nutrients into the soil. The mineral nutrients are adapted by the experts to the respective soil conditions and have an effect over many months.

Together, we discuss sensible measures and possible alternatives on-site and then prepare a non-binding offer. We continue to offer a professional assessment as a free service. Make an appointment for a free on-site assessment by our experts (Tel.: 0800 / 228 63 43). Your trees will thank you!

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