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How we saved a tree…

Von Gary Blackburn

Among the most beautiful experiences in our profession are the moments when we manage to save a tree that other supposed experts have already given up on and recommended felling. This summer, my sons had such an experience when they were asked to assess an apple tree that was unlikely to be saved.

It had rained intensely the days before and the ground was soggy. The apple tree had fallen like a cone, completely uprooted, and was now lying on the ground at an angle. Other than that, no other damage had occurred. Nevertheless, the owners were very unhappy because the tree bore a particularly rare variety of apples. My sons examined the crown, trunk, and root system. One side of the roots was still connected to the soil, the other side was completely exposed, but unharmed. The team developed a plan, shortened the branches, and rebalanced the uneven crown. Then they straightened the tree, drove stakes into the ground, and secured the trunk with holding ropes. The apple tree now has the best chance for another healthy life!

This experience also shows that tree owners should not just seek the opinion of only one company when in doubt. After all, many providers often lack experience when it comes to saving a tree under difficult circumstances and preserving it for the future. I am all the more pleased when I hear from customers during my on-site appointments that many a tree that other companies wanted to cut down has survived by many years thanks to our efforts.

Have you already had similar experiences? Feel free to write me in the comments!

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