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Happy Father’s Day at “The Little Britain Inn” 26.05.2022

Dear friends, dear customers, On behalf of my family, I am especially pleased to invite you to two events at “The Little Britain Inn”: On 26.05.2022 from 12.00 noon our Happy Father’s Day will start: Start is “from noon” 12.00 o’clock until 22.00 o’clock. Enjoy your day with us with delicious British beers and specialties […]

So that your trees survive the summer of 2022

2022 threatens to be another too dry year. The weather forecasts, high temperatures and far too little rain, mean the greatest stress for the trees in our parks and gardens. The “Spiegel” put it in a nutshell a few days ago: “Hardly ever have the trees in Germany fared as badly as they do today.” […]

Tree inspection: indispensable for safety

Tree owners know that regular, professional inspection is essential, for a safe life of your trees as well as for legal liability reasons. We offer our inspection service at your location at no cost or obligation. In fact, as part of their duty of care, tree owners are required by law to perform professional tree […]

Ukraine and us

We had announced a completely different topic for today’s blog. But what is currently happening in Ukraine, the bombing of the cities, the suffering of the people and the situation of the refugees, is very upsetting for us. A few days before the war broke out, we were still in Poland visiting relatives of my […]

Squirrels don’t eat trees….

However, squirrels and woodpeckers in the tree are definitely a warning sign that your tree could be acutely endangered! The reason are cavities in the trunk and possibly cracks in the bark and crown. Due to ice and snow, it is not only our own bones that are at greater risk of breakage during the […]

When you write to us…

I hope you had a good start to the new year? Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that 2022 will finally be the year in which Corona will hopefully soon no longer play a major role. My family and I were very pleased with the many visitors to our British Christmas Market. And many thanks […]

Welcome to the British Christmas Market!

You are looking forward to a wonderful British Christmas atmosphere, culinary delicacies from the island, a meeting with Mr. Bean, the Queen and a reunion with the Centurion Tank and our classic cars? Then come and visit our Christmas Market on the third and fourth weekend of Advent! You will find our true British Christmas […]

Non-contact tree care: We ensure safety

Today is November 15, 2021, and the German authorities report 37,504 new Corona infections. This is a sad record. The pandemic has Germany firmly in its grip again. However, this has virtually no effect on our work as tree care professionals and inspectors. Because we ensure safety. All our employees have been vaccinated and are […]