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The worries of tree owners before winter / Invitation to our Christmas Market

Von Gary Blackburn

Are you also worried whether your trees will survive the winter safely? This concern is absolutely justified, because the trees are very weakened by the long-lasting heat periods of the last summers.

The trees have not yet shed all their leaves. All the more reason for me and my sons to notice a disturbing phenomenon even more than in previous years during our consulting appointments: Time and again during our inspections, we come across branches in the crown, some of them massive, that are still bearing leaves but are already dead and could fall to the ground at any time.

In an extreme stress situation, such as prolonged heat in summer, a tree stops supplying branches further away in the crown to compensate for the lack of nutrients and ensure its survival. For the tree, this is a sensible strategy – but for people and objects in the immediate vicinity, it means a great and completely unexpected danger. If such branches are additionally stressed by storms, ice, and snow, this increases the danger even more.

The trained eye of our experts detects symptoms in the early stages that a layperson often overlooks. If, through on-site inspections, we can identify problems in time and correct the causes, it gives people peace of mind and allows trees to live a long and secure life.

Together with you, we then discuss how we can support the tree in a meaningful way. Be it by a relieving pruning of the crown, by enriching the soil with biological long-term fertilizer or by a combination of sustainable measures.

It is a great pleasure to have been able to look after some of the trees in our clientele with my family for over three decades now. And it is just as nice to continue to be connected with so many people and friends from the first years of Baumdienst Siebengebirge.

In the coming weeks there will be several opportunities for us to meet again in person. I would like to invite you to visit our Christmas market at the Little Britain Inn and enjoy typical English delicacies. The Christmas Market is open Friday/Saturday from 12-22 and Sunday from 12-20.

Will we see you? My family and I would be very pleased and wish you a peaceful pre-Christmas season.

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