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After the pandemic is the time to celebrate together with you!

Von Gary Blackburn

I am often being asked what I like best about my profession. Those are mostly two aspects: This is of course our daily encounter with nature and how we often succeed in revitalizing tress that other “experts” had already given up and recommended for felling. And I enjoy meeting our customers every day, enjoying the good talks and the feedback being of great value for us.

What I especially enjoy as a father is the appreciation of my sons’ work. Alexander, Kevin, and Luke have been leading teams for a longer time already and advise our customers as fully educated tree surgeons and experienced European Treeworkers. 

Maybe you have already seen the video portrait some years ago showing Alexander, Kevin, and Luke in their daily work?

After my sons took over more and more management tasks in recent years – and, according to our customers’ feedback did a really good job with that – Alexander, Luke and Kevin now became official leading partners of our family business. All of us, my family, my wife Monika, and the younger siblings are very happy about that.

But of course, I will remain closely connected to my sons and also to you, dear friends and customers, as an advisor. I am very much looking forward to the time that lies ahead of us.

Just like my sons working as a team leading our company, I am now part of that team. I am no longer the boss being responsible for every little detail. This is such a wonderful feeling – just like being twenty once more 🙂

After the pandemic is over, then there will be the time to celebrate all this together with you!

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