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Bye, Bye Great Britain – Welcome Little Britain!

Von Gary Blackburn

“Get Brexit done!” said those supporting leaving the EU until recently. Since the weekend this has been achieved. But nothing more – and probably soon also the leave-supporters among my fellow countrymen will realize, that this is not the future that we can wish for our children.

My daughters had planned to study in England. As we have heard the price for a semester abroad (seen from Germany where I live…) will probably double. How many families will be able to afford this?

The future of my English workers is more unsecure than ever. Many had planned to move to Germany with their families to work here. What are they to do?

Before this weekend news agencies and editors have called me and asked how I as a Brit in Germany am feeling. The answer is as simple as depressing. I feel said. The freedom, I have had, seems lost.

The German news paper Blick Aktuell did a very thoughtful article reflecting this: (in German language)

i was therefore even more delighted about the cheerful mail, that our friend and supporter Harald Hallerbach had send me today: “Bye, Bye Great Britain – Welcome Little Britain!“

This is indeed a very good outlook for this year and my family and I deeply appreciate this cheerful greeting. Thank you very much indeed and let’s all hope for a good year 2020!

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