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How to help your beloved tree to survive summer

Von Gary Blackburn

The weather experts have alarming news: the summer of 2020 will be extreme again! Weakened by the enduring heat periods and drought of recent years many trees will not be able to survive – if we do not actively support them.

Especially spruce trees are in danger. But nowadays deciduous trees are affected just as well. My sons and I detect severe signs of disease among deciduous trees visiting customers every day. Those need to be taken care of and treated professionally, so that walnut trees, hornbeam trees, silver maple trees and ash trees have a chance to survive summer.

How can you become active if you own a garden or park? How can professional tree care help your trees to survive?

Due to the extreme drought water and minerals can no longer be transported into the outer regions of the crown. The less supported areas die back, just as well as the root hairs in the ground. 

We relieve the tree by cutting back the crown just as much as needed. The tree will then reduce the radius of its roots by just about the same extent. Doing so we support and strengthen the tree in healing itself.

Branches that are healthy but exposed to a higher static load can be secured and relieved by safety ropes. 

We finish our treatment by suppling a long-time biologic fertilizer supplying the missing minerals according to the individual soil.

Thanks to our professional care your tree is les suspect to having to cope with parasites, bacteria or fungus. Therefore, your beloved tree is best prepared to survive the summer heat and will hopefully accompany you and your family for many years to come.

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