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Nature returns

Von Gary Blackburn

Do you also have the impression that the birds sing louder and even more beautiful in these days? The sky is just blue without any vapor trails and instead of roaring traffic on the freeway you hear the sounds nature. Walking though the woods you sense the life of animals and plants much more intensive than before.

Sadly, this also includes the many trees that have not survived the enduring extreme heat of the last summers. You see more and more solitary trees left over from the last heavy storms. Those are now exposed to direct sunlight causing sunburn. Those trees will also need to be felled soon. According to experts 2020 will be another year just as hot and dry as the summers before.

After the complete lock down the first general stores will open again. But it will take a long time before our everyday life – as it used to be before Corona – will return.

This can also be a valuable chance to think about the things that really count in life. We need take more responsibility, for ourselves and for the environment.

Greed and irresponsibility threaten the survival of the remains of the rainforests worldwide. The fact that global warming is not so much in the news headlines right now does not mean that we have done enough. The opposite is true: Now is the chance to rediscover nature in all its variety together with our children to preserve our environment.

We support you with our advice if you wish to plan and plant your garden and tress according to the future climate conditions. We reduce stress and relieve your trees by a professional crown care and strengthen your tree’s resistance by applying selected minerals and fungal spores into the soil for a long-term regeneration.

Should trees need to be felled, then we are your partner in helping you in selecting an optimal choice planting new trees both under ecologic and climate aspects. This will best ensure that you and your loved ones will be able to enjoy your trees and garden in the years and centuries to come.

Everybody knows somebody affected by the Corona disease. There might be cases among friends, your own family or you yourself are dealing with effects of Covid-19. During the last weeks we learnt to take better care of each other, more than before. We do not insist having the right of way each time. Instead we also let others have their way, at the parking lot and in the supermarket and we all wait patiently in line, with distance and dignity.

I wish that we can preserve some of this thoughtfulness for post Corona times. And that we remember the singing of the birds and the sound of the woods when the roads were empty, and the sky was all blue.

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