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Non-contact tree care: We ensure safety

Von Gary Blackburn

Today is November 15, 2021, and the German authorities report 37,504 new Corona infections. This is a sad record. The pandemic has Germany firmly in its grip again. However, this has virtually no effect on our work as tree care professionals and inspectors. Because we ensure safety. All our employees have been vaccinated and are also regularly tested.

And very important: If you wish, we will take care of the tree inspection and care on site without any personal contact!

Just make an appointment with our office (Tel: 02645 999 90 00) and mention that you wish a non-contact consultation. At the appointed time, you then simply grant us access to your garden. Then we will check the condition of your trees even in your absence. Should any work be necessary, we will put together an offer for you without obligation and free of charge. We will also be happy to advise you on this by telephone.

Many of our customers take this opportunity for a non-contact inspection and consultation. In this way, we have been able to identify numerous deficiencies in good time and remedy them with little effort. The trees have shed most of their foliage and the trained eye of our inspectors can identify potential problems, cracks, or cavities on the trunk and in the crown particularly well in the current season. 

Take advantage of our offer and preserve the life and safety of your trees and let us then look forward to a hopefully promising spring!

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