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Storm front “Sabine“ hit our area – and left great chaos

Von Gary Blackburn

We cannot prevent heavy storms and hurricanes from hitting our parks and gardens – but most often the heavy damage could have been prevented. Because there is a proven and very cost saving method to evaluate the stability of a tree: to have the tree being checked by a professional expert – ideally before the storm.

The importance of this check should be as self-evident and natural as having your car inspected regularly or seeing a doctor for a personal check up. Sometimes – and I understand this very well – such an appointment is overlooked because other dates seemed more important at the time. But the consequences can be severe, as our pictures of recent jobs impressively show. A Kindergarten was among those cases too. Luckily, the fallen tree only caused damage to property, no people were injured.

Some trees are more prone to storm damage than others, like the cedar tree for example. The cedar grows exceptionally fast. But this makes the tree susceptible to storm damage and broken branches.

It is therefore even more important to have the tree inspected regularly. Dead wood can be removed and the shape of the crown corrected, reducing the area, a storm would hit as a target. Taken properly care of, even cedars or similar suspectable trees like willows, poplars or chestnuts do not have to fear a storm front like “Sabine”.

Many worried people reach out to us daily asking for advice to find out whether their trees are still safe after the strong storm. Those worries are not without reason if it has been a while since the last professional tree inspection.

Please accept our offer to come to visit you and have a professional look on your trees together, true to the philosophy of Baumdienst Siebengebirge “For a safe life of trees”. Please call our office. The visit and the advice of our experts is free of charge – but valuable!

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