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Children having great fun climbing a tree

Von Gary Blackburn

It was the last week of autumn vacation that the organization “Gemeinsam für Vielfalt” (“Together for variety”) invited children and their parents to enjoy some activities in the Bürgerpark (Citizen’s park) in Unkel. Because of Corona some of the planned activities could not take place. Very much to the delight of the children our tree climb offer was not affected by that – thanks to plenty of fresh air outside and up high in the tree. We took care that all hygienic measures were followed including a thorough hand disinfection.

My sons Alexander, Luke and Kevin Blackburn had found and prepared a perfect large beech tree. The crown offered more than enough space for three climbing ropes with plenty of distance. A fourth rope was also installed in case a climber would have required professional assistance in the tree. But of course, no child needed to be “rescued”.

Instead all climbers from 2 to 12 years of age were verry much enjoying themselves climbing the tree. Alexander, Luke, and Kevin, each supporting one child at their rope were having just as much fun as the young climbers. Professionally secured and protected by a helmet the kids climbed up to 10 meters high applying the double rope technique. 

After 30 minutes it was time for the next group of climbers. 16 kids had registered for the event – more girls than boys by the way – and many more would have loved to join the activity.

Hopefully, next year this will be possible without Corona limitations. We from Baumdienst Siebengebirge would very much again like to be part of the team and support the great vacation activities for children in Unkel.

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