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Chipping and firewood free of charge – now also in Rottbitze

Von Gary Blackburn

Autumn is just around the corner and with it the time to prepare your garden and trees for the coming storms and winter. Please take advantage of our offer of a comprehensive and free on-site consultation on the condition of your trees. Because only the trained eye of an expert can recognize deficits in time and thus avert dangers.

You can also prepare many things in your garden yourself. And we are happy to support you in this as well. For example, by providing valuable shredded material free of charge:

Your garden benefits from shredded material as a biological nutrient in many ways. The shredded material spread under trees and shrubs and on beds prevents the soil from drying out during dry periods. Weeds are less likely to take root and are easier to remove. During cold winter nights, the shredded material protects against ground frost and thus protects sensitive roots and beds. Over time, the shredded material decomposes and acts as a natural fertilizer with its nutrients.

You may pick up the shredded material free of charge at our location in Linz/Kretzhaus (Asbacher Str. 85a, 53560 Linz am Rhein) and now also in Bad Honnef/Rottbitze at Heideweg 42 (in the immediate vicinity of the Vorteil Baucenter store) for your private use.

In addition to the chipped material, you will also find tree trunk slices at both locations, for example for further processing and use as carmine wood.

 We are pleased if you use our free service, and we all contribute to sustainably support the cycle of nature.

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