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Getting three days of work done in just one day

Von Gary Blackburn

Buy cheap, buy twice… I am sure that we all have learnt at some time that a 
supposedly cheap bargain later turned out to be a rather bad and costly decision. 

When we purchase new equipment for Baumdienst Siebengebirge, we look for a true advantage for our customers and the work of our teams: to do the work in less time, to better protect the environment und to optimize cost efficiency. At best this will help our teams to work faster and even more eco friendly and our customers benefit from lowers costs.

All this is true for our newest generation of chippers that have just arrived form England. All pf those chippers are equipped with modern petrol engines being especially ecofriendly. Regrettably, there are no professional electric chippers available yet. Nevertheless, the petrol engine means a big improvement for the environment with regards to the noise and fumes of a diesel engine.

One of our new chippers is equipped with a caterpillar drive train. With this self-driving chipper, we only need 80 cm of clearance to virtually reach any spot or location. We have already worked with this chipper at the river Rhine and in parks and gardens that we could not have entered with an otherwise required towing vehicle. The chips remain at the location serving as a natural fertilizer also protecting the soil from drying out.

Due to the enduring drought periods of the recent years currently countless spruce trees need to be felled. Especially those trees can easily be pulled by the force of the self-driving chipper in the shortest time instead of felling them the conventional way. This is an amazingly effective time saver. Recently we were able to complete a job within just one days that otherwise would have required two more days. 

Many of our customers are amazed about such an increase in performance and productivity. Those are the kind of investments that do make sense – for our customers and for the environment. 

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