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Healthy spruce felled by the storm – how you can prevent this

Von Gary Blackburn

Unfortunately, the latest Corona news are no good news. Experts warn of the third wave. The vaccination process in Germany is slowing down and the so-called British variant of the Corona virus, of all things, is considered particularly vicious.

In these times many of us have learned to appreciate our own garden in a whole new way. The garden is a private retreat where we can relax. In our garden we feel save from invisible threads, British and South-African mutants. We fell at ease and reload our energy.

But even during those pandemic times we must not stop caring about the health of our trees. The trees in our gardens and parks do need our active support so that they do not mutate into a danger themselves. 

The enduring periods of recent summers’ drought have been particularly hard on conifers, but also on deciduous trees. Depending on the tree species it might take several years before signs of disease become obvious even to the layman. But the tree is already growing weaker long before and can no longer supply the outer branches with sufficient nutrients. Even massive branches that still seem vital can break and fall to the ground completely unexpectedly and endanger people.

Currently, our teams our teams are out almost every day for emergency tree felling. The intensive rain of the last week has softened the ground. It then only takes a violent storm to fell even healthy but shallow-rooted trees, such as spruce. 

Through regular professional tree inspection our experts can often prevent such a sad fate: We remove dead wood, thereby reducing the mass of the tree. If necessary, we cut back the crown so there is less surface for the wind to attack.

Give our experts the opportunity to advise you checking the safety of your trees. To ensure your garden remains what you want it to be beyond the Corona pandemic: Your private retreat where you and your family can truly feel safe!

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