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Kevin, Alex and Luke: Baumdienst Siebengebirge Tree Service in second generation

Von Gary Blackburn

All my children have inherited a passion for climbing and nature. Kevin, Alex and Luke in particular have shown from a very young age that they want to reach for the sky. I can still remember exactly how Kevin was already climbing in a tree at the age of 6 and how his younger siblings soon followed him. For some time, other things were even more important to my sons, which I think is perfectly fine. After all, love for a profession can only develop if you pursue it with passion – rather than being told to do so by your parents. So, if Kevin, Alex and Luke had decided for a different career, that would have been fine with me, too.

So, I was all the more pleased when Kevin decided to do his school internship at our company at the age of 14. And in fact, he enjoyed it so much that he decided to become a tree surgeon. His brothers Alex and Luke were to follow him in the very next few years. Each of the brothers has attended close to forty training courses, throughout Germany and also abroad. 

Each has discovered a special passion for himself. For Kevin, it is the symbiosis of trees with their environment, such as the interplay in the nutrient exchange of roots and fungi. Alex is a particularly talented and strong climber, and Luke managed to complete the highly demanding training at the famous Merrist Wood College in England in the record time of just a few months – most attendees need at least a year for this. I also studied there in the 80s and think back to that time very fondly.

Expertise and experience are one thing, but just as important is the way you deal with the employees and, above all, the trust of the customers. And here, too, it is a great pleasure for me to hear time and again how much our customers also appreciate my sons’ competence and appearance.

It is hard to believe, but Kevin has now been working in our family business for almost half a lifetime, having started his training and career at the age of 16. Kevin is now 30, Alex 29 and Luke 25. The brothers have been leading their own teams for years, are in constant professional exchange with experts and regularly attend courses on both special aspects of tree care, new pruning and climbing techniques.

Kevin, Alex, and Luke are now experienced on the job and popular with customers. What better time than now to put my sons in charge of Baumdienst Siebengebirge Tree Service! I remain connected to both my sons and our customers and will be mentoring whenever asked.

After endless months, Corona seems to be less restrictive on our lives soon. Then, hopefully, travel and celebrations will soon be possible again. And I can devote myself all the more to my two new projects: the “Little Britain Inn Hotel” and the “Robin Hood Event Location”.

We will keep you informed as well. And another good news: Since May 17, hugs and kisses are allowed again in England. I believe these are all good prospects for the summer!

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