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“The smallest car receives the biggest price”

Von Gary Blackburn

While I was enjoying sunny summer holidays in Italy together with my family my sons Kevin, Alex and Luke Blackburn were busy back home visiting customers and working on trees leading our teams. It seems that my sons have not only inherited my passion for tree care and climbing. They enjoy our little collection of British classic vehicles just as much as I do.

It was great fun and a great joy for me receiving news from Kevin wrote that he had won first place at the Oldtimer-Classic-Show in Aegidienberg – a town near to where Baumdienst Siebengebirge is located. “The smallest car receives the biggest price” announced the host of the Oldtimer-Classic-Show. The jury had liked our original British police car from the sixties best. “The small police car is just cute” the jury explained.

Our Morris 1300 had played a major TV role in the “Prime Suspect” series aired in the seventies on ITV. The Morris 1300 police car was of course joined by our 3-Wheeler-Reliant and Mr. Bean’s Mini. Kevin, Luke and Alex where impressed what other great cars were among the competition. An American Chevy from 1929, a few younger old-timer cars and some top-notch sport cars. Kevin said that quite a few visitors had asked him about our London Original Routemaster bus.

Maybe we will take part in the Classic-Show-2020 with our Routenmaster bus. The people would be very much looking forward to seeing us participating with the bus, Kevin wrote. Well done, Kevin! I hope you have had a great vacation as well or are still enjoying yours. The trees however suffer badly enduring longer periods of temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius. We will discuss this problem in more detail in one of the following posts. And here you find another picture of our old-timer cars if you like to be caught by the charm of our three and four wheeled British classics as much as my family does. 

 Among those the 3-Wheeler-Trotter which has become a famous icon because of the British comedy series “Only fools and horses”. Out trotter is only a replica – but none the less we do have the only real Queen as our only true and real Mr. Bean truly confirms 😉

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