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The Tree of Imagination – an alternative to tree stump removal

Von Gary Blackburn

After the majestic oak tree in the heart of the village suddenly died, the people of Lower Peover decided to pay homage to the trees contribution towards the village by giving it a new purpose – to inspire the thoughts of children and all those still young at heart. 

Located in England’s green plains of Cheshire, the village tree died in 2015 by possible fungal infection. As the oak trunk was deemed to be stable for many years to come, the community gathered to transform the old friend into a portal for 1000 stories. Adorned with windows and doors offering insights to other worlds, the tree has become not just a fun feature of the village but also a centre of inspiration and creativity for the younger generation.

Do you have a beloved old tree that needs felling? Perhaps you can find creativity in the Tree of Inspiration to transform its stable trunk into a story of your own. Take a look at the pictures below and let your mind begin its journey. 

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