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Thunderstorm & Damage: The Insurance is going to pay anyhow?

Von Gary Blackburn

The thunderstorm of last week had badly hit our region. So much rain came down in the shortest time that fire workers were busy pumping flooded basements all during the night. And of course, the weather was an extreme stress test for the stability and breaking resistance of trees. 

In extreme and scary situations like this garden owners asked themselves if their trees are really safe and secure. Don’t even think about what damage might happen if the shaky tree in the garden would fall onto one’s own house or the neighbor’s roof…

Once the thunderstorm is over and all seems well again then for many tree owners those worries are soon forgotten. But to think like this would irresponsible and dangerous.

The heavy storms have stressed the trees enormously. This could have resulted in cracks. It might only take just a little impact for the stem and branches to tear even more.  Heavy branches could break and come down imposing a serious threat to objects and people.  

We cannot prevent thunderstorms. But we must take precautions that our trees are professionally prepared to withstand heavy storms.  Please call our office for an appointment and professional advice free of charge at your site.

We check your tree’s stability and the condition of the crown. The trained eye of our experts can detect early symptoms for deficits and signs of disease before a tree is seriously damaged. We remove the dead wood and cut back the crown if necessary, reducing the impact of the wind and heavy storms. With ropes we can additionally secure and stabilize branches.  

The law holds parishes, communities, companies, and cities liable for the safety of their trees. This also applies for private owners of gardens. An insurance will only pay for damage if the owner fulfilled the obligation to have the trees regularly professionally checked. 

We do like to help and support you. Please make an appointment, keeping your trees safe and secure.

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