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Ukraine and us

Von Gary Blackburn

We had announced a completely different topic for today’s blog. But what is currently happening in Ukraine, the bombing of the cities, the suffering of the people and the situation of the refugees, is very upsetting for us.

A few days before the war broke out, we were still in Poland visiting relatives of my wife Monika, barely 50 kilometers from the Ukrainian border. At that time, an attack by Russia still seemed unthinkable to us. In the meantime, about 12,000 refugees arrive in Germany every day. According to “Spiegel”, 159,772 people have entered from Ukraine since the war of aggression began. The total number of refugees is probably three million. Experts warn that this will be the largest refugee movement since 1945.

Numbers, however, cannot describe the suffering of each and every one of these people. Hope is given by the willingness of many people to help, be it through donations or through their personal commitment.

Fortunately, we too will soon be able to actively support some Ukrainian families by providing rooms in our hotel “Little Britain”. In agreement with the mayors of Linz and Vettelschoss, we will be able to accommodate up to eight people. If the people so wish, it might also be possible to work at the hotel, with a paid salary of course.  

As little as we can influence the further course of the war, we hope for peace and freedom for Ukraine.

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