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Wait and see, drinking tea and a big thank you to our customers!

Von Gary Blackburn

I hope you have had a good start to the new year. Current news about the coronavirus unfortunately gives little reason to hope that we will soon be able to put the crisis behind us. We will still have to exercise a lot of discipline and patience. Only in this way can we succeed in protecting the weaker members of society and ultimately defeat the virus.

For many, their home and garden have gained a new significance in recent months. This is the private retreat that we can design according to our own ideas and wishes. Many customers have entrusted us with the professional care and maintenance of trees in the past year. Trees and gardens that have also become even more emotionally valuable and important in the “Corona Year” 2020. 

On behalf of my family and our teams, I would like to express my sincere thanks for this trust! This trust is reflected in many letters and internet comments from our customers, which we are particularly pleased about.

Many of you are aware of our commitment to the preservation of “Little Britain” and we feel a little like Asterix and Obelix in our struggle with the Romans, or rather the Neuwied district administration. What might still help us is a little “magic potion”. Recipes will be gladly accepted ūüôā

The Queen advises me to remain serene during our daily tea appointment together with Mr. Bean. And there are indeed so many more important things to do than try to understand administrative decisions: Drinking tea, for example, not excluding the magic potion… 

By the way: At the end of the year, Pro 7 broadcasted the fifth and thus the final episode of a new casting series, in which the Queen, my family were asked to take part.  Have fun watching: :

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