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So that your trees survive the summer of 2022

Von Gary Blackburn

2022 threatens to be another too dry year. The weather forecasts, high temperatures and far too little rain, mean the greatest stress for the trees in our parks and gardens. The “Spiegel” put it in a nutshell a few days ago: “Hardly ever have the trees in Germany fared as badly as they do today.”

Many garden and tree owners therefore ask with great concern whether at least we professionals cannot help their trees to survive of their trees. The honest answer is: We cannot guarantee that every tree can be saved.

But the hopeful answer is also: We can create the best conditions for the survival of your trees. Because the motto of the tree service Siebengebirge has always been “For a safe life of the trees”.

How can our professionals, the teams led by Alex, Kevin and Luke, help your trees survive the coming months in the best possible way?

First things first: please contact our office to schedule a free consultation at your location. (Tel.: 0800 / 228 63 43) Together with you, we can then discuss which measures make sense on an individual basis and, above all, ensure safety in living together with your trees.

If branches in the crown can only be insufficiently supplied with nutrients, then a moderate pruning of the crown already relieves the tree significantly. To the same extent, the tree can then reduce its root system. And the tree can recover.

In addition, the treatment of the bark of the tree with a biological lotion, also adapted to the individual situation and the vitality of the tree, is an option.

By introducing biological nutrients into the soil, we ensure the sustainable supply of the tree. These mineral nutrients are designed for the individual condition of the soil and are effective for many months.

Make an appointment for a free on-site assessment by our experts (Tel.: 0800 / 228 63 43). Your trees will thank you!

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