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Squirrels don’t eat trees….

Von Gary Blackburn

However, squirrels and woodpeckers in the tree are definitely a warning sign that your tree could be acutely endangered! The reason are cavities in the trunk and possibly cracks in the bark and crown.

Due to ice and snow, it is not only our own bones that are at greater risk of breakage during the cold season. While we humans can usually avoid such dangers, trees are exposed to frost without much protection. Trunks and branches are particularly brittle during frosty periods.

Even a violent storm can then lead to cracks that can cause severe damage to a tree. The load of the crown can cause cracks to split, branches to fall unexpectedly and endanger the safety of people and buildings.

Right now, the trees are not yet bearing leaves. So, our professional tree experts have an optimal view of the condition of the trunk and crown. We can tell if your tree is in good and safe condition or needs professional assistance.

If measures are necessary, we discuss the options. Often a gentle pruning of the crown is enough to relieve the tree statically and bring it back into an optimal shape. The tree can thus succeed in closing and healing the cracks itself again.

In addition, we can now see the traces of fungi that otherwise remain hidden under the foliage and the bark of the tree – and possibly cause additional damage to the tree. More on this in the next blog.

It is crucial to act in good time before your tree suffers serious damage. Therefore, take advantage of our offer for a free inspection by our professional tree experts. Currently is exactly the right time for it!

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