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Tree inspection: indispensable for safety

Von Gary Blackburn

Tree owners know that regular, professional inspection is essential, for a safe life of your trees as well as for legal liability reasons. We offer our inspection service at your location at no cost or obligation.

In fact, as part of their duty of care, tree owners are required by law to perform professional tree inspections on a regular basis. If this is not done and buildings are damaged or even people are injured by falling branches or a falling tree, the tree owner is personally liable.

Through our inspections and with our experience, we can identify deficiencies at an early stage so that we can still take countermeasures before the tree suffers irreparable damage. We proceed systematically with the inspection, starting with the root system. Has sewer or road work recently been carried out in the immediate vicinity? This could have caused injury to the roots. Such deficiencies can be compensated for by reducing the crown by the same amount.

Does the tree trunk show cracks or cavities? A healthy tree will try to close such places by itself. But if the tree is weakened or the crown is overloaded on one side, cracks can become deep crevices and form a dangerous gateway for parasites, fungi, and bacteria. By selectively shortening branches, tree surgeons can restore balance and effectively relieve pressure on the tree, allowing even larger crevices to close and heal.

The condition of the leaves or needles in the crown, possibly also the formation of a second crown on the trunk as shown in the picture above, allows conclusions to be drawn about the mineral balance of the tree. If this supply is disturbed – for example by an injury to the root hairs – the tree stops supplying the outer branches to protect itself and survive. For humans, however, this can pose a great danger if massive branches suddenly and unexpectedly fall from the crown to the ground.

Together, our experts will then discuss with you which measures are sensible. Here, too, the first step for tree surgeons is to safely remove the dead wood.

By applying a sustainable fertilizer adapted to the soil and treating the bark with a biological nutrient lotion, the tree is again supplied with sufficient minerals and its self-healing powers are strengthened.

Regular professional control prevents damage and enables a long and safe life of the trees. However, unfortunately, again and again we have to advise felling, namely when the tree is already too badly damaged by the prolonged periods of heat in previous years, by storms and torrential rain.

If such trees used to be part of a group, the remaining still healthy trees should be observed all the more attentively. Because the single standing trees are now exposed to wind and weather all the more extreme.

We offer advice and control as a free service on site.  Because with so much chaos and misfortune, as currently in the world, at least our own garden should be a place where we feel safe. And we would like to contribute to this. Together with my family I wish you peaceful Easter days.

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