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Welcome to our charming small hotel “The Little Britain Inn”

Von Gary Blackburn

Maybe you had a chance to follow the dispute about “Little Britain” during the past months and years. The town council requested us to reduce the size and space of our exposition “Little Britain” at the site of “Baumdienst Siebengebirge”, so we would demonstrate that we are willing to find an agreement with the town officials. For me this was not such a big issue.

But how do you explain negotiations like this to Alice from Wonderland, to Mr. Bean? What to say to the Queen and all the other great characters happily believing at first that they had found a safe place to live and stay?

Wanderers and tourists from all over Germany, surrounding countries and from my home country England do love the romantic Rhine Valley, the natural beauty of the Seven Mountains and the nearby Kasbachtal as well. My family and I have often been asked by visitors, if there were any affordable hotels nearby suited for families with children and pets.

AWhen a small hotel nearby was on sale together with a beautiful garden and a huge parking lot my family and I did not hesitate for long. 

Last Sunday we celebrated an open-door day – following all Corona rules – before the official opening in a few weeks. Many hundred visitors came and had a look inside our “The Little Britain Inn”. Many came as families together with their children and very much enjoyed the “Secret Garden”. 

At the front side of “The Little Britain Inn” we have installed a destination charger. Those of us having the opportunity to utilize electric cars already contribute a little share to protecting our environment.  

The individually designed guest rooms are located across three stors.

As you may know I am very much into the fairytales and sagas of my home country. 

I therefore had the walls of the guest rooms painted by an artist reflecting those legends and motifs of the romantic Rhine Valley. Each room is equipped with a bathing room and shower, free WIFI is also available. Coffeehouses and bakeries nearby offer plenty of choices for a delicious breakfast.

Right next to the parking lot and away from the street you will find the “Secret Garden”. 

Here the Queen relaxes at her coffee table, securely guarded by her royal knights.

Mr. Bean and Johnny English welcome the many cheerful visitors. 

Alice and her friends are more than happy to have found their new home and forever lasting Wonderland. And I may already promise: There are more famous attractions to move to the “Secret Garden” soon 😉

“The Little Britain Inn” will shortly be available for booking to all wanderers, bikers, families, nature lovers and old-timer car enthusiasts. 

My family and I have very much enjoyed welcoming the many visitors that came to see “The Little Britain Inn” last Sunday.  And we look just as much forward to all the guests to come and find out about our little hotel and all the great sites of nature and history to visit nearby.

To the website „The Little Britain Inn“:
(Booking will be avilable starting the middle of october 2020)

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